Lunar Eclipse Intention Candle

Lunar Eclipse Intention Candle

February 1, 2018 Blog 0

Intention candles, by my definition, are taper or small pillar candles with a stone or crystal embedded or attached to the bottom. It can be dressed in herbs and oils too, or not, depending on the intention. The idea is that you set a direct intention and channel it into the candle. As it burns, it charges the crystal or stone which you then keep as a token/reminder of the ritual. I usually make them to burn for 3-5 days or nights while meditating on my intention. I always recommend journalling during this time too so the messages really sinks in.

That being said, the principle is pretty simple so take what works for you and use what you have around. Any candle can be an intention candle!

I talk more about a self-love intention candle here.

Earth & Water Balance Candle

On the first night of the full moon, I dressed a candle with the intention of Balance & Confidence. This moon shook up stability so I figured balance would help to align thoughts/feelings with actions.

This year is starting off with a lot of earth energy but there are also planetary hints of watery emotional energy. Additionally there is a rising feminine consciousness that needs to be balanced with the current male dominance in the world. My hopes were to build confidence in the self and allow for a flow of energy from the universe. I took all these elements into consideration when putting together this candle under the full moon.

I used

  • 1 Green Taper Candle – green is for earth energy, abundance, and grounding.
  • 1 Small Crystal – I used aqua aura but something like aqua marine or another crystal that conducts watery, intuitive energy well will work.
  • 1 Bay Leaf – for intuition, plus I think they have strong earthy scent. I added this because we were using bayberry candles and it seemed right.
  • 1 Star Anise – whenever I add an herb for intuition I like to balance it with a grounding and protecting herb, that’s why our anise is here today.
  • Wire, Ribbon, Lighter – use whatever you can to attach that baby to the bottom of your candle, it may take some finagling. I used gold wire and white ribbon. They reflected the moonlight and added to the overall aesthetic, and I would be lying if I said a good portion of my practice was not about the aesthetic! Using ribbon like this also helps bind the spell.

You’ll end up with something like this:

If you try this ritual or make an intention candle, leave a comment! I would love to know your take on one of my favorite types of magic.

Much love! -Riss


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