Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Reflections

Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Reflections

January 31, 2018 Blog 0

First of all, I cannot get over the name! With something that extra, you know it’s going to be an event. So I planned accordingly.

I scheduled a moon picnic with my friend and birthday twin, Nicole. She brought blue moon themed snacks and healthy treats and wine. I found a park that wouldn’t be sketchy at night. We sat under the super bright, beautiful lady in the sky and let our crystals and tarot cards soak in the energy.

I cannot recommend park magic enough! Ideally you need to find a safe and quiet space to do moon magic, but this is nothing a circle of salt and a barrier of friends and confidence can’t help. Being out in nature is fundamental to my practice! City living can be draining sometimes so I am very passionate about a good park – call me Leslie Knope! It was nice to share this with a friend who has the same values (Nicole LOVES plants).

We felt like little crystals charging in the moon. We talked about things we were processing in the new year, things we held on to or that clung to us that needed to be released. We are still both getting up to speed about each other’s individual practices so this was an incredible time to look back on how far we’ve come. There was lots of love and acceptance in the air.

Leading up to the full moon, my entire being felt on high alert. I was noticing┬ácoincidences left and right. I was waking up with energy and the ability to ward off feelings of an on-coming depression. I felt like something big was bubbling up and I just needed to let it happen. I am still working on relaxing an enjoying – one of my themes of the year.

I notice that more and more people around me are awakening. Sometimes if comes in the form of meeting new witches. Most of the time, I see people rejecting ideas and truths that aren’t theirs (or in the instances of rejecting societal norms, truths that are true at all). It’s all a part of the social discourse; the more we talk, the more we value all our individuality. I see people coming into themselves.

I finished a 30 Day yoga challenge early this morning as I got up to watch the eclipse. I have done a few of these from Yoga with Adriene but this one felt different. The postures were more advanced, building off the yoga vocabulary (yocabulary if you will :P). But it wasn’t just that. The focus was on connecting to your inner pillar, light, truth, whatever you want to call it. She guided hundreds of people to a regular practice that connected us to our inner selves through our physical body. If this isn’t evidence of a collective consciousness awakening, I really don’t know what is.

Let’s talk about the eclipse. It rounded out a cycle that started in August. That was the time of year I started to take my practice seriously. I was also rejecting femininity and trying to connect to my masculine energy in a healthy way. As this cycle closes, I find myself looking to branch out more in my practice (hence this blog). I also dusted off my old tarot deck which sparked my intuitive practice. I feel connected to the cards in a way that I haven’t in a while. I’m also reconnecting to the femininity I rejected, trying to find balance and healthy perspective as the world shifts to a feminine consciousness.

After my moon picnic, I went to bed and dreamed and rested. At 4am my body woke up naturally. I lit my element candles. I keep them in a circle around my room. I did yoga while I waited for the eclipse to be visible. I took Deb, my beautiful ceramic cat/guardian of our home outside with me. When I inhaled, I felt the sun through my feet, through the earth whose shadow was cast across the moon. It reminded me of my shadow, backlit in the park, stretching towards the moon rather than away even though the moon was so bright. I was reminded we are all made of stardust, all by accident. Life happens through the chaos and, for that, it is truly beautiful. I felt grounded.

This moon was all about balance. This energy will continue through the year. Me and Nicole made intention candles to embrace this balance with confidence. You can find more on that ritual here.

If last night had you feeling shaken up or feeling unstable, don’t get down on yourself. It was a powerful event. And instability is neither good nor bad, it is what you make of it. If you are feeling rocked, ask yourself why. Where to you need to ground? Where do you need to reach up towards the light? Is there anything that needs to be released? There are two more days left in this full moon cycle! Make it work for you, you’re worth it!

I have lots of little goodies I am working on that I can’t wait to share with the internet ­čÖé I hope you make the most of this unique celestial event, or at the very least, feel alive and blessed to be so! I’m sending out lots of love.

Until next time! -Riss


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