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Since I am a witch in training I rely heavily on resources online to guide me. The following sources have helped me learn about astrology and energy while giving me ideas for rituals and meditations. I will be sure to update this page as I find more juicy resources!

Forever Conscious

This site has weekly energy forecasts and weekly tarot readings. There are great ritual ideas and breakdowns of astrological energy. When I was first starting out this site helped me so much in contextualizing lunar energy and giving me ideas on how to harness it.

Cosmic Kundalini

Annie is a yoga teacher and world traveler. She sends out a newsletter with astrological readings for each new and full moon. She pairs them with mudras, yoga poses, and information on chakra energy to work with for each moon phase. I love how she combines a physical and spiritual practice.

Mint Faery

This YouTube channel has hella information! You can find information on herbs and crystals, ritual ideas, and FAQs I have found incredibly helpful. I also just love her vibe and find we have a lot of identity overlap which is always nice.

Traveling Witch

My witchy cousin turned me on to the Traveling Witch. Her mailing list is great! And the website is packed with articles busting witchcraft myths and giving ideas and support to emerging witches.


When I first got into meditation and mindfulness Headspace was the first app that made sense. The free ten-minute package that was available when I signed up was great training for a foundation in meditation. Since then I have been able to build my practice. For anyone just starting out with meditation #wouldrecommend.

Yoga With Adrienne

Adrienne has blown up on YouTube. She is the reason I do yoga everyday. Her 30 day yoga challenges kick off every year. I am particularly a fan of True and Dedicate, but they are more intermediate. She has plenty of information for the beginner yogi too though.

Honest Guys

This is another great source of free, guided meditations. I particularly like what they do with visualizations.

Avatar the Last Airbender

This one may seem unconventional. ATLAB was a Nickelodeon show that aired from 2005 to 2008. I grew up with it and it taught me about story telling and not pandering to a young audience. The characters and story had depth and the world was fleshed out and beautiful. The focus of the show is on the four elements. There is also a heavy emphasis on spirituality. They even take the time to explain the 7 chakras in a succinct way (even if some of it is off based on the story they are telling). I still use the elements in my magic and I have ATLAB to thank for helping me recognize this connection. It’s a great show if you can find places to watch it online. I also did a podcast with some friends about it. I’ll put a link below if you are interested in hearing us talk about the show and dive into the elements and their symbolism.


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