Tarot Spreads for Thrupples

Tarot Spreads for Thrupples

February 7, 2018 Blog 0

The word “thrupple” is one of those words I latched onto as soon as I found it. It’s jokey slang for a “couple” but with three people, a love triangle of sorts. For someone who finds they are attracted to couples as often as they are attracted to individuals, I am grateful for a word that speaks to me and gives me something to identify with.

Outside of romance, I find myself in groups of three or multiples of three. I see three as a stable number. Where some might think three friends can increase drama, giving the opportunity for multiple combinations of everyone pairing off and talking behind each other’s back, I see an opportunity for balance and deepening connection.

Love (however you define it) triangles can be very stable geometric shapes if they are centered around communication, truth, and transparency (within the boundaries that the thrupple sees are appropriate of course).

While meditating on some thrupples in my life, I was drawn to my tarot cards. I needed clarity on relationships with friends, romantic interests, and coworkers that all involved me and two other people. Since there were many factors at play, I consulted my deck for divine insight.

I would like to share the spread I was called to use with you in hopes that it can help others navigate trickery times in complicated, but worthwhile relationships.

You may chose to start with #1 or #4. Below I will discuss their intentions and you can chose what works best for you.

  1. The Self – This card represents yourself and what you bring to the table in this dynamic.
  2. Individual 1 – This card represents another member of the thrupple. It can show you hidden factors you may not know about the person, something about where their energy may be stuck or blocked, it could also show you a balancing factor they give to you. No matter what it is, it represents that person and what they bring to this dynamic.
  3. Individual 2 – This card is the same as #2 but for the third member of the thrupple.
  4. The Arc – This center card is a factor that affects all of you. It can be an overall energy, thought patter, tendency, or mood that is influencing everyone in the dynamic. Since this card relates to every other card in the spread, you may chose to start with this card instead of the Self.
  5. The Future – After reading all the other cards and letting them tell you what you need, there may still be some confusion on what to do with all of this new information. This last card is there for guidance on how to move forward. It may encourage the momentum you have going, caution you against certain behavior, or encourage you to push yourself.

Once you have gained the insight you need, you may find that you still have more questions about how this dynamic relates to the other relationships in your life. For that, I went a step further and build out a Sierpinski Triangle of Thrupple spreads.

There is a potential to build this outward even further, but a Tripple Thrupple was a huge spread that took up most of my bed (and energy). It follows the same principles of the Thrupple Spread. Hopefully it leads to more clarity on how to manage all of your relationships. This analysis may also give you perspective on how they all fit together.

  • 1/6/11.  These cards follow the same principle as The Self in the Thrupple Spread
  • 2/7/12. These cards follow the same principle as Individual 1
  • 3/8/13. These cards follow the same principle as Individual 2
  • 4/9/14. These cards follow the same principle as The Arc in the Thrupple Spread. For this spread, I do suggest reading them in this particular order since they pertain to each individual thrupple.
  • 5/10/15. These cards follow the same principle as The Future in the Thrupple Spread. If you are overwhelmed by the number of cards in this spread, you can forgo these. While they will give you further information on moving forward in the individual thrupples. #17 will also give you some of this information more holistically.
  • 16. This card serves the same purpose as The Arc in the individual thrupples but this one relates to the overall dynamic. It will let you know what connects all these relationships together.
  • 17. This card serves the same purpose as The Future but with focus on how to move forward with all dynamics. It is a broader card but also focuses primarily on you, as an individual, rather than how the thrupple should move forward together.

I hope this spread brings you clarity and some fun 🙂 If you use it or improvise off of it, leave a comment and tell me how it goes! I am sending you much love in all relationships.

Until next time! -Riss


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