End of this Eclipse Cycle

End of this Eclipse Cycle

February 16, 2018 Blog 0

I have been tracking my life with the lunar cycles now for about six months. Looking back has actually been fantastic. As I learn more, I am able to contextualize past events – seeing how they make sense with the energy that was present at the time. I have learned more about how I set myself up for success and how to continue to do that in the future.

I started my crafting practice seriously in early August of 2017 with the purchase of my new Tarot deck. Later that month, I took a trip into the desert with some of my girlfriends. We put on our witchiest garb (only to take it off and run around naked) and chilled in a yurt for 3 beautiful days. It was the middle of the summer but we were blessed with rains that passed right as we arrived. We missed the storm but got the benefits of beautiful weather in the 90’s rather than the expected 120’s.

Side note: This also made for beautiful clouds. There is something about the quality of desert clouds that seems ethereal to me. They spread out over vast expanses of sky, warping around the horizon, reminding you of the curvature of the earth. And you can perfectly see the entire color spectrum through them as the sun sets. As you can probably tell, I spent a long time looking up at the clouds while I meditated in a pool. It was a really good trip.

I was captivated by the beauty of the moon over that weekend. It was light enough that we didn’t need to use flashlights. This trip happened over the 3 days of a full moon cycle, come to find out, one that included a lunar eclipse. It just wasn’t visible where we were. This eclipse, without me consciously knowing, gave me the push I needed to incorporate my practice holistically and sustainably in my life.

The second part of the this eclipse cycle was the huge solar eclipse that everyone lost their mind over! You know, the one at the end of August that Trump looked directly at. At that point, I was transitioning jobs. I felt connected to my inner power by being connected to a celestial event. It also felt like a huge push in the community. The eclipse felt like something everyone in my office could come together over. It was a good gateway into talking about my practice in every day settings too.

Those two eclipses are connected to the two most recent eclipses, completing an entire eclipse cycle. The last day of January 2018 held our full lunar event and then there was a partial solar eclipse on Valentines Day. For the Super Blood Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse, I had an incredible experience which I documented here. Then last night I had a relaxing and rejuvenating Galentines Day to wrap up and book-end this eclipse cycle.

We met in my friends backyard to do yoga, the same way we did when we first made plans to venture into the desert together. We updated each other on our lives, drank wine, and meditated under the dark moon. It was a perfect night to set intentions for the bright future ahead of us. And my friends finally saw the tattoo I got to commemorate our trip in August. It was nice to set aside some time to spread that good good Valentines Day self-love (to me, that’s what the holiday is really about).

It was just too perfect a book-end for me not to write about it. I feel so connected to the women in my life and want to spread positivity and power out to them. I consider this group one of my baby covens, a circle of sisters I care about and want to succeed.

I feel like together we can.

If you have sisters (of any gender) in your life, reach out to them this week and tell them you love them. Set some new intentions to move forward and spread positivity out. And reflect on how far you have come! If you notice that this eclipse cycle embodied any personal landmarks, please share. I would love to hear!

Until next time! -Riss


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