“Power Thru” Spray

“Power Thru” Spray

February 28, 2019 Blog 0

February 2019 New Moon Spell

My goal for this spell was to meditate with each ingredient I used. I want to practice visualizing what each ingredient represents and what I want them to manifest. This will hopefully focus my intention and make spells more effective.

I started the ritual by doing some yoga and meditation to center myself. Once I smudged myself and my space I gathered the following supplies:

  • Amazonite
  • Yellow Shells and Sea Glass*
  • 3 small Amethyst*
  • Small White and Small Black Stones*
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary Oil
  • 3 Cardamom Pods
  • 3 Cloves
  • Black Pepper
  • New Moon Water (this is just water I collected when it rained on the new moon, you can also charge up whatever water you have available in a full or new moon for this)
  • Spray Bottle

*I made sure all the stones were small enough to get in to/easily remove from my spray bottle. My amazonite was not small enough so I just kept it with the bottle to stay charged up.

After gathering my supplies I meditated and journaled on what it means to connect to my personal power. I wrote down the following statements:

  1. Having a heart open to love and abundance in everything.
  2. Having a strong core.
  3. Knowing when to push and when to quietly recharge.
  4. Saying no when it feels right.
  5. Being unafraid to connect to the divine.
  6. Being able to identify and banish anxiety.
  7. Being unapologetically me #tru.

I paired each of these intentions with an item from the list above (pretty much respectively). This was my thought process on this.

I meditated on having a heart open to love and abundance in everything with my 3 cardamom pods.

I pictured my heart chakra opening and flowing through my entire being. I thought of little things that can open my heart, like a smile from someone nice on the metro. Cardamom is great for connecting to love too. Usually it has a sensual energy to it but here I wanted to focus on the abundance of love in many facets. Plus I never say no to a little sexy boost when charging up personal power. I love the smell of cardamom. It is comforting and sweet. These pods break open and soak really well.

I meditated on having a strong core with a yellow seashell and sea glass.

I did breathing exercises focusing on my core and pictured it engaging and holding me up from within. Yellow is the color of the stomach chakra and I wanted to stimulate that area. Plus seashells are great for protection and evoking water elements. These are all things I wanted in this spell.

I meditated on knowing when to push and when to quietly recharge with my 3 small amethyst stones.

I imagined what it felt like to be full of energy and what it felt like to be depleted. Amethyst always helps me connect to my intuition, which I usually channel through my body. By offering myself a moment of stillness to connect with my body, I modeled what I needed to do when I needed clarity on pushing forward or pausing to recharge.

I meditated on saying no when it feels right with my small white and small black stones.

I got these stones from a bag of items related to the throat chakra. My friend Nikki made me a bag for each energy center – they were filled with goodies! I chose the black and white stones to represent “yes” and “no”. I held a stone in each hand and pictured situation I was actively into and ones I knew I would say no to. I visualized myself saying no, I said it out loud. I felt what saying no felt like in my body.

I meditated on being unafraid to connect to the divine with chamomile.

Recently I have wanted to work with deities and spirit guides. I had previously set out an offering of lavender and called upon Artemis, a moon and huntress goddess. Her twin brother is Apollo, god of the sun and prophecy. I learned chamomile is a good offering for sun deities so I danced and got into my body while crinkling my little bag of chamomile. It is also a relaxing and warming herb. So I opened myself to that energy and felt a gentle flush of heat and hope.

I meditated on being able to identify and banish anxiety with rosemary oil.

I have always associated rosemary oil with femininity and my sacral chakra. She feels very protective to me. The sacral chakra is also host to your gut, a huge decision making center for me as an intuitive being. While I meditated with the oil I inhaled its scent and pictured anxiety-provoking situations. I recognized the thoughts and feelings that came up and gently pushed them away. Then I meditated on the feelings I was left with in their absence.

I meditated on being unapologetically me with my amazonite.

Amazonite is a green stone, the color of the heart chakra. It is also an amazing stone for recognizing your spirit and identity, and for releasing any unease related to not yet being where you want to be in life. I felt like this energy would help me connect to my self and my power in a gentle loving way. I know my true inner power resonated from my heart chakra so I pictured the flush of energy that comes in moments of magical love.

After all this meditation I combined my herbs, oils, and stones in an amber spray bottle with my new moon water. I recited the following incantation and doodled this shape in my journal as I pictured the element’s energy flowing through me, aiding me in my magic.

The moon is dark, the sun is full. I thank the elements for what they’ve told my soul. There is strength inside of me, and in this bottle – so mote it be.”

I am still practicing writing spells that rhyme. My meter felt a little off but it is fun to flex this ability.

I grounded myself and closed the ritual.

I kept the spray bottle next to my bed and sprayed my self and my pillow in the morning in an attempt to quit hitting snooze (it worked for the few days I tried this!). I also sprayed my yoga mat when I felt like I needed to focus on my practice. I sprayed it to protect my aura before and at work.

The best part about this spell was that the smells changed every time I sprayed it as the herbs soaked. I felt like the spray was evolving with me.

When the water ran out, I showered and cleaned the spray bottle and its contents. I discarded the herbs and smudged the stones for reuse.

If you end up using this spell or modifying it, I would love to hear your results or your meditations!

Much love – Riss


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