Holistic Cold Remedies

Holistic Cold Remedies

June 25, 2019 Blog 0

Happy Summer! This cycle I wanted to write my ruminations on Pride month and the Summer Solstice… but then I came down with a nasty head cold. All my energy has been dedicated to kicking it.

Though I still plan on writing something for Pride, I thought today, I would outline my plan of attack when I start to feel under the weather. Enjoy and Stay Healthy!


I find my colds are always a sign that I need to stop expending bodily energy outwards and focus inwards on restoration. The best way to do this is a solid night’s sleep. When I start to feel ill, I listen to my body and don’t push it. I take plenty of naps and I let myself sleep in. I also try not to exert too much energy moving around doing housework or the like.  That can wait – right now rest is a priority.


Drinking plenty of fluids is the key to kicking any illness. While some swear by ginger ale, I think good, old-fashioned H2O is the way to go when kicking a cold. I try and drink 8 cups a day and really flush whatever is keeping me down out of my system.

Green Tea

Along the lines of drinking plenty of fluids, I add green tea into the mix because it is packed with antioxidants. It will help keep you hydrated and help your immune system fight the good fight. It also has just the tiniest bit of caffeine which helps me fight off the brain fog that comes with colds and flus.


I’m not sure what it is about garlic but it really helps me kick a cold. It is a good detoxifier and honestly, when I’m sick I simply can’t taste anything so a good strong dose of garlic hits the spot for me. I roast it in the oven at 475 degrees Fahrenheit with some olive oil until the cloves start to brown. It gets nice and soft and is easy to spread on bread or crackers (also easy things to digest when you’re sick). If I start to feel a cold coming on I will roast a whole pod of garlic and eat it throughout the day and I swear it cuts my cold time in half!

Berries and Fruit

Blueberries and Raspberries are also high in antioxidants. They also have natural sugars and fibers to keep your body going while helping detox the system. When I’m sick berries, bananas (high in potassium which helps muscle aches), and watermelon (which helps with hydration) are my go-to snacks. Sometimes can be hard to find foods that don’t upset my stomach. Fruits are naturally easier for the body to break down so I find them comforting foods in times of tummy turmoil.


Everyone swears by chicken noodle soup during cold and flu season. As a vegan, my go-tos are Ramen or Pho. I swear by the spice! I think adding spice to the broth helps with my sinuses and immune system. Plus nothing feels better on my tummy than some noodle soup when I’m sick. These soups are hearty while adding plenty of fluids. Plus, leftovers are key when I don’t want to get up and care for myself – Ramen and Pho are even better the next day.

Indulge (a little)

When sickness strikes, it is not the time to go out drinking or partying – nothing wears down the immune system more. However a glass of red wine or a hot toddy and some comforting chocolate can go a long way. I have to let my body know I love it and that I can still have a little slice of enjoyment even when I’m feeling down and ill. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be back to 100% in no time.

I mix these home remedies in with a mix of over-the-counter meds from the drug store. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I have found, with the help of holistic and modern medicine, I can usually kick a cold in about 3-5 days – depending on how bad it is.

And I must add – every modern witch knows that magic and incantations can only go so far. If cold symptoms persist for more than a week please consult a doctor about your condition.

Also don’t push yourself to go out or go to work! Sometimes the most considerate thing you can do is stay home and keep germs from spreading – especially if you work in a place with food services or communal computers. Be kind, wash your hands, cover your mouth with your sleeve when you cough and sneeze, and do your part to get yourself better so we can all stay happier and healthier together!

If you have witchy cold remedies that work for you, I would absolutely love to hear them!  Please share and comment below.

Until next time!



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