The City of Light EXISTS

The City of Light EXISTS

January 30, 2016 Archive Blog 0


Last week season 3 of The 100 aired and this week was my darling best friend and roommate 4ever’s birthday. Though her heart lies with Clark and Lexa til death, she is infatuated with John Murphy (who’s isn’t, honestly). When we sat down to watch the premiere, I was inspired.  We hit the ground running with 10 pure minutes of punk rock John Murphy losing his shit lighthouse bunker style. TBH cannot wait for the existential crisis to come.

In the mean-time though, I made an entire discography of John Murphy’s would-be punk band: The City of Light EXISTS.

None Of Us Are Innocent

“None Of Us Are Innocent” feat. hit single Journey to the City of Light

Here we have The City of Light EXISTS’ seminal, debut album from 1998. Murphy establishes his signature fuck-all attitude paired with a liberating sense of abandon that resinated with fans and critics alike.

The ABCs of Me

“The ABC’s of Me” feat. hit singles NO. PAIN. HATE. ENVY. and Bite Me.

TCoLE returns at the turn of the century with a new feel. Faced with Y2K and an onslaught of boybands, Murphy uses electronic sound to explore his place in the new digital landscape of 2001.

Bodygaurd of Lies

“Bodyguard of Lies” feat. hit single I Was Hung Once

2002-2004 Murphy toured with DJ duo and composition masters Carved into The Dropship. In 2007 they teamed up to create “Bodyguard of Lies”. While the album was a huge success, known for it’s unhinged sound and wild beats, the creative process accompanied by a world tour took a toll on Murphy. The next few years were littered with canceled gigs and tabloid scandals. In 2009 Murphy announced a break from the music scene and checked into rehab.

Warning Mines

“Warning Mines” feat. come-back single Murphy’s Law

After 5 years off the radar, John Murphy returns to The City of Light Exists with the 2014 release of Warning Mines. In his time off, Murphy got clean and explored the world. In his travels he regained a sense of purpose and spirituality which is reflected in the Warning Mines. While the album had much critical acclaim, it alienated most of his original audience and did not reach the popularity of his earlier work.

Murphy now lives in northern Appalachia continuing his journey of personal growth and working on his tell-all novel to be release in late 2016.


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