2019 Intentions

I did a revamp of this blog around this time last year. I was riding high off the energy slide that was 2017-2018. It was a time of harnessing the energy of major eclipses, my first cycle truly practicing as a witch. Naturally, I went too hard out the gate and got super burnt out. … Read More 2019 Intentions



Stuck in a rut? Feeling depleted? Is getting up in the morning too hard? Or does everything just feel like too much? Are you too bogged down? Or maybe it all feels too inconsequential to consider going through with anything. Everyone feels like this sometimes. Some people feel this way often. But these feelings are… Read More Depression


3 Self-Love Spells

If you are in a funk or just looking for a little boost, here are some rituals of self-love that have worked for me. I hope they spark some ideas and help abundance flow <3


The City of Light EXISTS

Sooooo Last week season 3 of The 100 aired and this week was my darling best friend and roommate 4ever’s birthday. Though her heart lies with Clark and Lexa til death, she is infatuated with John Murphy (who’s isn’t, honestly). When we sat down to watch the premiere, I was inspired.  We hit the ground… Read More The City of Light EXISTS